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The Jerome Schottenstein Arena
The Ohio State University - Columbus, Ohio
We are proud of our legacy and of the award-winning work of our craftsmen.  The
jewel in our crown is the beautiful and innovative Jerome Schottenstein Arena at The
Ohio State University.
"The Schott" features 71,000
square feet of terrazzo in school
colors throughout the
concourse areas.  The
highlights are in the four
rotundas in the entrance and
circulation areas.  

Based on photos of past Ohio
State athletes, each mural was
drawn on the concrete by
Venice, CA, artist Alexis Smith,
in a paint-by-number fashion.  
Per her drawings'
specifications, zinc strip was
laid, some within 1/2" of each
The murals used six different
shades of gray (white to black)
along with the school color red.  
Glass and Mother of Pearl chips
were used to accentuate
richness in tone.  Each color
was painstakingly poured into
its assigned area, creating
stunningly detailed images of
facial shading, fabrics, crowd,
and depth.
A recipient of the BX Craftsmanship
Award, IMI Golden Trowel Award, and
the National Terrazzo & Mosaic
Association's prestigious
Job of the Year and Job of the Century
Awards, The Jerome Schottenstein
Center has not only inspired artisans
and craftsmen alike to think outside
the box, but its aesthetic beauty on
top of functionality has indeed
changed the perception of the
entire industry.
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